Gryphon Prague Gothic

'Gryphon Prague Gothic'

{(H. fulva 'Hankow' x 'Ruby Spider') x 'Point of View' X 'Let Loose'}

8 54 late dor tet 4-5wbr 18-20bc major rebloom

This is another of our fulva-tet crosses that result in very vigorous plants. The eight inch blooms are flaming red, with large green throats, strong white midribs, and a touch of a green edge. The reblooms, at a height of 34", start while the original late blooms are still going strong, giving a double whammy clump at two levels.

'Gryphon Prague Gothic' is our tribute to the wonderful city of Prague, one of the most complex small cities in the world, with its many layers of history all apparent at the same time.

Fertile both ways.

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