Gryphon Classic Ancestry

'Gryphon Classic Ancestry'

(H. fulva ‘Hankow’  X ‘Spinnaker’)

7  52  ML-L dor tet 4-5wbr  18-20bc 

This is another of our fulva-tet crosses and that is why it’s name has ‘Gryphon’ in it. The pod parent is the reliable and fertile H. fulva ‘Hankow’. ‘Gryphon Classic Ancestry’ looks something like our ‘Gryphon Hankow Legacy’ (Stelter 2012) but it is much more fertile, and we have some interesting seedlings from it. The golden blooms with red chevrons begin the day as trumpet-shaped and take on a cascade form as the day progresses.

This modern daylily is a classic example of the traditional form of species and early hybrid daylilies that, of course, did not have modern tetraploids as one of the parents.

Fertile both ways

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