Gryphon Chinese Fire

Gryphon Chinese Fire

(H. fulva ‘Hankow’ x ‘All American Chief’) X ‘Robb Cobb’

Tet  8  36  Dor  M 5 w branching

‘Gryphon Chinese Fire’ is the first in a new line of daylilies that is based on crossing tetraploids with one of the H. fulva varieties. For examples of other introductions on the way in the future, see Crossing Tets With Fulva Varieties. These daylilies are very hardy and vigorous in the North and will increase the diversity of the tetraploid gene pool.

The parentage of ‘Gryphon Chinese Fire’ is based on the H. fulva variety that was sent to Dr. Arlow Stout at the New York Botanical Garden from the area surrounding the city of Hankow, on the Yangtze River in China, in the 1930s. H. fulva ‘Hankow’ is a very vigorous diploid that takes tetraploid pollen readily. It was crossed with ‘All American Chief’ and the resulting seedling was crossed with ‘Robb Cobb’, also a very hardy tet. The result is a daylily that is fertile both ways with tets.

The prefix “Gryphon” will be used to identify our introductions that are based on tet crosses with several varieties of H. fulva.

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