Gryphon Baltic Heritage

Gryphon Baltic Heritage

[‘Godzilla’ x (H. fulva ‘Hankow’ x ‘Ruby Spider’)]  X ‘Web Browser’

Tet  9.5  38  MLa Dor  3w branching 15 bud count  UF

Color is a complex dark reddish maroon, with strong white midribs on the petals and a green throat. The large flowers are usually cascade and sometimes show spider ratios.

‘Gryphon Baltic Heritage’ is the second of a series with our Gryphon Garden name as a prefix, indicating a H. fulva –tet cross. The flowers remind us of the delightful, dark reddish brick cities of northern Germany and Poland which use the gryphon (griffen) as their symbol.

It has powerful pollen but is a somewhat difficult pod parent. Mildly rhizomatous.

'GBH has been tested by Jamie
Gossard and it is a triplod, even though it is a third generation cross from a triploid.
It is fertile both ways with tets.

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