Elsie Stelter

‘Elsie Stelter’ (Stelter 2010)

Winner: AHS HM Award 2015

‘Astral Voyager’ X ‘Waiting in the Wings’

Tet 8.5  37  Dor  EM  4+ branching  20 bud count   UF

The intensity of the pink color varies during the day and it also becomes a lighter pink during its long bloom season. Its shape varies from the usual crispate to an elegant cascade.

The pod parent of ‘Elsie’ is Melanie Mason’s marvelous ‘Astral Voyager’ which is proving to be an excellent partner with the exotic but less hardy products of Florida hybridizers.

This is a very special daylily and that is why it is named in memory of my mother who was an outstanding gardener in northern Alberta. Mother was part of a tradition of great gardeners, including grandmother Martha Driesner and great grandmother Caroline Mayan.

Fertile both ways

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