Barcelona Spirit

‘Barcelona Spirit’ (Stelter 2012)

{(‘Twist of Lemon’ x ‘On Silken Thread’)  X ‘Freewheelin’}

Tet  9  56  M-ML  Dor  UF Cascade  4-5 way branching  20+bud count

This tall, striking daylily was the star of the seedling beds this summer.  The 9 inch cream yellow flowers have contrasting orange red chevrons on the petals, and a hint of orange red on the sepals.  It is very fertile both ways.The name of this daylily is our homage to one of our favorite cities, Barcelona, the traditional heart of Catalonia, in Spain.  The colors of ‘Barcelona Spirit’ just happen to be the colors of the Catalonian flag that flies from many public buildings and is carried by enthusiastic supporters of the great local football team, Barca.

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