Viking Power

‘Viking Power’

Viking Power

('Wigglesworth' X 'Edinburgh')

10 34 M dor tet 16bc 4wbr UF crispate, cascade, spatulate

'Viking Power' is our most exciting UF to date. Its shape shows all of the three basic types of UFs – crispate, cascade and spatulate - on the same bloom, although not all every day. The color is equally variable. In the earlier part of the season, the very large, yellowish throat is surrounded by dark, purple-red petals and sepals; later in the season, the petals and sepals are a lighter pink-red.

The exuberant, self-confidant shape reminds us of those intrepid Vikings who were the first Europeans to settle in North America and celebrates their innovative seafaring technology and their artistic creativity.

$100 single fan. Very limited.
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