Joy Unconfined

Gryphon Scottish Heart

('Flying Trapeze' X 'Gryphon Chinese Fire')

7.5 30 ML dor tet 5wbr 20bc UF crispate

This perky daylily's blooms are Chinese red with a green throat, and a slight white edge on the petals and sepals. The pod parent is Steve Moldovan's only UF and the pollen parent is our first introduction featuring H. fulva 'Hankow' and a tetraploid – 'Gryphon Chinese Fire'. We know from this past summer that these tet-fulva crosses are particularly drought resistant.

We feel that 'Scottish Heart' embodies some of the most attractive aspects of the Scottish character – hardiness in the face of a sometimes difficult environment, and a positive, even joyful attitude to life.

Very fertile both ways

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