Gryphon Hankow Legacy

‘Gryphon Hankow Legacy’
(Stelter 2012)

{H. fulva ‘Hankow’ X ‘Ginger Twist’}

Tet 6.5  36  M Dor  UF 4 way branching  16 bud count

The bright orange red chevrons on the petals and lighter versions on the sepals contrast the orange basic color.  The strong green throat is unusual in our fulva-tet crosses.  While registered as a variable UF, the basic shape is generally the traditional form of the species in its background. It is not rhizomatous but increases quickly.

‘Gryphon Hankow Legacy’ combines the exotic characteristics of the modern tetraploid with the vigor and hardiness of a fulva variety. The fulva pod parent, ‘Hankow’, was given its horticultural name by Arlow Stout in 1939. It has proven to be the most effective breeder with tets of all of the fulva varieties (about 15) in our garden. This is a great garden plant but a marginal breeding plant, as it takes a lot of effort to set a pod.

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