Joy Unconfined

Gryphon Carl Linnaeus

(H. fulva 'Europa' X 'Hang Six')
7 47 ML dor tet 5wbr 20bc UF Cascade

This is our first use of H. fulva 'Europa', the common so-called 'ditch lily,' in our fulva-tet program. It has the expected vigour of its pod parent and the touch of elegance of its pollen parent. Its Chinese red self is enhanced by a greenish golden throat and white midribs on the petals. It does not appear to be rhizomatous.

The name honors the great Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus who established the modern system of binomial nomenclature of genus and species. In 1753 he named the genus hemerocallis and in 1762, the species fulva. Arlow Stout added the horticultural name 'Europa' to the most common variety of fulva in 1929.

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Very fertile both ways.

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